Jet Ski Safari

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Jet ski Safari and adrenaline boat


We offer 6 water scooters and Safari Jet Tours, which are designed to lead the group together with the leader to various (optional locations) from Rovinj to Novigrad where they will enjoy the beauty of the Istrian coast . Since the water scooter provides safety and freedom, it has become a very popular and sought recreational vehicle. We offer various variations of the tour (1 to 3 hours), half-day and day trips, or by client’s wishes, where you can see the natural beauties of the Blue Lagoon Poreč, Novigrad, through the Lim channel to Rovinj with a bathing break. The permanent location of water scooters is Jedro beach in Poreč.  We can always adapt to the wishes and needs of the clients.

We also have a Olimp Inflatable boat which is very attractive and can accommodate up to 12 people. Its permanent location is on the waterfront in Porec where various adrenaline rides are offered. For larger groups is formed a discount.

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